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Oliver Norman running for VP Affairs & Development

Hi, I’m Olly and I am running to be your next VP Affairs and Development.

It is my belief that the Hall system is what makes Loughborough so special and is part of the reason for its outstanding levels of student satisfaction. However, over my three years here I have felt a gradual diminishment of interest in halls from new students arriving here at Loughborough. If elected I would endeavour to provide the halls with as much support as LSU can muster especially concerning hustings to ensure that participation levels do not continue to fall as they have been.

My second point is with regard to the decision-making process within LSU. From my own personal experience, a lot of the decisions are actually being made from within the executive and student members being merely consultancies. This must be cleared up and the committees should know where they stand.

Lastly, I believe there should be a much stronger link between LSU marketing and the democratic process of LSU. Elliya has done a strong job with promotion of the Student Forum and its new operating method. However, there should be stronger links to promote other democratic events. All of this could be achieved with greater levels of media output from LSU such as videos featuring well known faces around campus, maybe even the VC, talking about experiences on and with hall and department committees and the way in which it benefitted their Loughborough experience.