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Hannah Barton running for Education Executive Officer

Across my time at University, I have taken on a series of leadership positions and volunteering roles that make me a fantastic candidate for Education EO. During my time as Programme President, Department Chair and Student Representative on University Senate, I gained a great insight into the issues that affect students. Drawing on my experience, I would work on the following if elected:



  • Ensure that Web-PA is used on all group coursework, maintaining consistent procedures across the University by reviewing and updating the Group Coursework Minimum Requirements Policy
  • Put together a Working Group to review the Academic Appeals procedure, ensuring that it is accessible, fair and takes as little time as possible



  • Create an anonymous feedback system to allow students to send messages to their Programme Representative
  • Roll out Peer Assisted Learning to all departments to create more informal learning environments and extra opportunities for volunteers


Volunteer Training and Recognition:

  • Train Programme Presidents and Department Chairs before the Summer break to ensure that they are prepared for the year, and can be more involved with training their Programme Reps and Committees
  • Ensure that all Programme Presidents have a Vice President elected from their Programme Reps
  • Work with the DSF President to hold the first ever “Department Committee Awards” to celebrate the achievements of volunteers who often feel that they are overlooked