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Rebecca Coughlan running for Welfare and Diversity - Executive Officer



While W&D has many volunteers, a majority are unfamiliar with others in the section. To provide the best experience for our volunteers, as well as continuing to run outstanding events throughout the section, I would aim to create more opportunities for all those involved to integrate with one another. This would provide a greater platform for collaboration within W&D, and increase the close friendships formed between volunteers. Included in this would be introducing a Department Rep Co-ordinator to the W&D Committee to enhance the department welfare system.




It’s often thought that W&D exists solely to provide support to students who identify with our associations. Although this is a vital function of the section, it is also essential to educate the majority of students to whom these associations do not apply about the experiences of those involved in them. Because of this, I would look to introduce an Ally Officer to each association’s committee at the discretion of the chair to represent those students who do not formally identify with, but support the work of each association.




Communication in W&D is essential, both to and from volunteers. To better communicate all upcoming events within the section, an online calendar would be created detailing all association and general W&D events. To increase communication from those engaged with W&D, an anonymous suggestion system would also be made available on the LSU site, with potential for this to be developed into an anonymous reporting system for victims of discrimination on campus.