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Glenn Fellows running for Welfare and Diversity - Executive Officer

My Manifesto Centralizes Around Four Key Points:


  1. Continuing Collaboration Between W&D Networks and Other Union Sections to Create Impactful Changes to Improve our Universities Students Support and Experiences, ensuring all feel represented and supported. Following a 5 Year Action Plan for the Improvement of the Welfare & Diversity Section.


  1. Improving the Financial Self-Sustainability of the W&D Section to ensure we can continue to deliver large scale events and campaigns to the benefit of the student population and increasing students’ engagement and participation with these activities. Decreasing our reliance on budgetary allotments which have recently proved to be unreliable.


  1. Raising our engagement and work with third-parties i.e. large companies to create more events orientated around life beyond Loughborough and generating better opportunities for students who may feel disadvantaged in the working world and hopefully to increase these companies’ awareness and involvement with these issues and our relationships with these organisations.


  1. Finally working closely with the University to take the incentive to improve students access to university services for counselling appointments along with disability and mental health support services which is currently recognised as a national problem for all universities including Loughborough to ensure that those students that need support and help are able to get it in a timely manner.