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Salome Dore running for Welfare and Diversity - Executive Officer

Throughout my time at Loughborough, I have been actively involved in celebrating Loughborough’s diversity, through being your current International D.O and sitting in the Welfare & Diversity committee as well as being a member of your Executive to being Chair of the French society.

1. Safety and well-being

  • Raise awareness on mental health and sexual violence/consent and make sure that students are aware of services available to them, as well as giving them access to diverse training and workshops.
  • Creation of an anonymous platform for students to be able to report these issues in collaboration with the university.
  • Work with the University in order to reduce the waiting list of the Counselling service.
  1. Inclusive night
  • Monthly Welfare & Diversity night out that does not play chart music, for example an Afrobeats night.
  • Will stimulate engagement within the nightlife of LSU and opens the union to a wider audience.
  • Will celebrate the diversity of all our associations. Reward our volunteers
  • Volunteers are essential to the section.
  • Install a system similar to the CVA and Action hours which will enhance our volunteer’s employability by recognizing and rewarding them with prizes as well as working towards getting the Employability award.

    Associations sustainability
  • The budget is stopping our associations to continue in their growth.
  • I aim to help them becoming autonomous and allow them to operate as self-funded organizations by finding sponsorships, as well as giving them training and workshops in collaboration with the Enterprise Hub.