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Oren Flynn running for Sport - Executive Officer

If elected, I will endeavour to improve;


  • Improve the communication between the AU and their Clubs by implementing a new structure in place of the current inefficient Buddy System. I will look to create a platform that clubs will be able to use to access files and communication with AU Exec instantaneously.


  • I will commit to the current financial strategies in place to combat rising costs across Student Sport, as consistent and informed leadership is needed to maintain improvement. I will build on data collected in the BUCS Sustainability project and re-launch the Alumni Fund in an effort to establish a long-term, robust financial structure.


  • In line with the new exciting kit tender, I will look to revamp the organisation and distribution of Loughborough Sport kit, with a view to creating a dedicated outlet within the union that can both remove the current confusion around kit collection and provide students with a shop on campus they can use for their sporting demands.


  • I will look to bolster the profile of Loughborough Students across all sporting strands, particularly by restructuring the Media and Sport Events to improve the consistency and outreach of Student Sport events. I will also promote more joint action between Loughborough Sport strands, as this could be hugely mutually beneficial. An increased profile will both attract potential sponsorship and show off our students’ success.

Please check out my Facebook page for my extended manifesto!