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Joel Brocklehurst running for Action - Executive Officer

My favourite thing about Action as a section is its inclusivity – there is a project for everybody!

If elected, this will be at the forefront of every decision I make.

Improve efficiency and allow for expansion

By looking at the current structure and introducing subcommittees to the following Action sections:

  • Young Persons: A section that, due to being ran by one person, has reached maximum capacity and has been unable to expand.


  • Collaborations: To create a more solid structure to allow for increased participation from AU, Societies and other Departments.

Increase pathways into Action

A stronger committee structure will allow us to target a wider audience, including:

  • Societies: Build closer relations with societies and benefit from their unique skills within our section, whilst rewarding them for volunteering.


  • Placement Students: Maintain communication with placement students to increase the levels of retention between placement and third year.


  • Out-of-Hall Students: Target projects specifically to students who live in town, improve departmental involvement and communication to provide them more pathways into Action.

The changing demographic of students

Action can play a key role in improving the employability of students, to emphasise this we would need to:

  • Create a stronger relationship with the Careers Network to promote the employability benefits and rewards of volunteering.


  • As students become increasingly academically focused, they are more likely to engage with the section through their departments:


  • Improve and reconsider the structure of department student involvement. Including more regular meetings and projects, as every student has a department.