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Asha Williams running for Rag - Executive Officer


I would like to collaborate further with other sections of LSU, for example, working with W&D association sub-committees to produce more fundraising events specifically in aid of their personal causes. I believe introducing the role of Collaborations Officer would be hugely beneficial in allowing more immediate focus towards working with other sections, and would provide a direct port of call for external groups to garner advice and support in their fundraising efforts.


Internal Hall Events:

There has been a definite decrease in hall-run events over the last few years. I believe this is due to poor handover periods and a lack of direction and guidance when new reps come on. I’d therefore like to tackle this issue through providing an events scheme, where the Internal Events Officers will be assigned eight halls each to develop plans in producing an annual hall event.



Improving the accessibility of information is essential in minimising the current disconnect between initial interest and actively taking part. This can be developed through several various strategies:

  • Improving the website by making it easier for people to find information on trips, raids and events
  • Utilising social media more, with regular Facebook updates of what’s gone on and what’s to come
  • Collaborating with the Social Chair in running internal events and expanding promotion by using both Rag reps and Social Secs