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Jasmine Jefferies running for Media - Executive Officer

After being involved with media since 2014, I have contributed thousands of hours to the section, including my post as Head of Lens in its second year of operation, after volunteering for just six months. I’ve held many other media positions including Assistant Head of Media, LGBT+ Media Officer and Holt Hall Media Rep.

My manifesto rests on developing 3 areas:


  1. Media ‘Shake up’:


  • Redesigning the Media website and relaunching the Label magazine to make both more central to student life and getting more students involved.
  • Reducing section committee sizes to allow for larger numbers of volunteers in each section. This would give volunteers more power and more opportunities whilst still ensuring that the sections run smoothly.
  • New process for Media Committee and Senate hand-over to improve year-on-year continuity and team building.


  1. Training:


  • Mirroring Lens’ training and development success into LSUTV, LCR and Label.
  • Building on hall media’s progress by developing media reps to give support sessions where volunteers can be trained.
  • Re-establish and improve media alumni weekend and industry links.


  1. Stronger links:


  • Improve cross-curriculum links by bringing Label and Lens closer to courses such as English and Communication and Media Studies.
  • Increase information and drop-in sessions/evenings for people interested in getting involved.
  • Finally, I propose a stronger link with Societies, in particular with PhotoSoc and Art Soc, to increase membership of those interested in photography and design.