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Nupur Nair running for Societies - Executive Officer

During my 5 years at Loughborough, Societies has truly been my “home away from home”. I’ve had the opportunity to be on Societies Exec for 3 years as General Interest Rep and Development Officer, Chair Rawkus Street Dance and be Media Rep & Secretary of Disney.


If elected to be your next Societies EO I will:



LSU is filled with diverse members. By working with Welfare and Diversity EO and the International DO I will:

  • Develop further methods for equal representation and support to increase engagement opportunities for them.
  • I will work closely with Culture and Faith Societies to incorporate their perspectives and ideas.



Societies can often find themselves stuck in a routine:

  • I will work with the Societies Development Officer to run monthly society workshops, allowing all societies to share ideas and stretch their boundaries.
  • These workshops will have a specific aim including topics such as event management, member engagement and sponsorships.
  • New societies will massively benefit from this as it gives them a strong foundation and direction.




  • I will run monthly sessions, incorporating them into the Societies Exec schedule.
  • Members will have the opportunity to inquire and discuss difficulties whilst learning from the experience of Societies Exec members.


Fortnightly Societies Newsletters:

  • By developing this, communication with members would be streamlined and focused.
  • This would celebrate the varied successes of all Societies and inform members about future events being held.