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Emma Burton running for College - Executive Officer

If I was to be elected for the position of College Executive Officer I would –

  • Improve awareness of Domestic violence towards adults and young people by fundraising around the college and university campus’ and organising talks to students about the issue.


  • Work to educate more students on mental health. I believe this is an important issue to many people and something that goes unnoticed around the college. I endeavour to improve the help on offer to students who suffer from such issues, as I think this is an issue (close to my heart) that needs wider publicity.


  • Improve the food standards at the college, encouraging healthier options throughout the day and a wider range of choice on offer similar to that of the university.


  • Campaign for the refurbishment of B block at the college as it looks neglected and students have already displayed their dislike towards the building. This would allow for a more comfortable learning experience and would be more in keeping with the upgraded buildings around it.