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Joshua Hope running for Enterprise and Employability Executive Officer

I am running for Enterprise and Employability EO as over the last year it is a section I have become passionate about. My knowledge is routed in Employability and the universities aims in careers however I would love to expand and contribute to the section of Enterprise. I feel it is surprisingly overlooked by many students considering you can learn vital lessons to become a successful individual.

If I win I pledge to –

Increase exposure of Enterprise Events

Achieved through an improved network of representatives from each department, by making the careers role larger to encompass Enterprise. From here, I hope that smaller more targeted events can be run, encouraging more people to take part and further themselves to improve the skills needed to be successful in business.

Aid the participation of LboroConnect

By aiming to create one concurrent platform which combines the great functionality of careers online with the interface of lboroConnect, making it more accessible. Furthering from this,

I will encourage the use of the platform by lecturers to make communication public and helpful for all students participating in a module.

Engage first years more

I feel there is a misconception that Enterprise and Employability is only targeted at people looking for industrial placements or jobs. The skills that are learnt are invaluable at any point of your academic career. In addition, summer placements can greatly increase your chance of employability, therefore more emphasis will be placed on them, encouraging students to think ahead.