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Stuart Ashton running for College - Executive Officer


Further utilise the timetabling of tutorials as a medium to convey LSU’s offerings, and to positively portray LSU’s activities to college students.

Encouraging participation in LSU’s diverse range of sections during this time, e.g. take them for an Action Project, showcase the societies they can get involved in, run welfare activities to destress, offer LCR/LSUTV/Lens engagement opportunities within LSU Media.

Profiling and publicising the committee, showing what they have been up to since being elected and how prospective students can get involved.


Improve the advertisement; and consequent college engagement, of events and campaigns going on at LSU. This can be achieved through the use of social media, digital advertising as well as face-to-face engagement.

Promotion around the shop from posters to free food stalls, placing a focus on increasing the involvement of college students through a commercial avenue as well as increasing sectional involvement.

Continue Josh Thompson’s work to provide promotion within the social spaces he created, as well as using common-rooms as a medium to engage students.

Increase the use of email marketing to college students, advertising what nights out/day-events are on and which deals are available during the week.


Work with the College Sports Maker to increase inter-college sport.

One Day Events/League competition, and eventually set up one-off events where the best players from the college take on the IMS teams of the university. Similarly styled to the IMS All Stars premise to increase friendly competition and enhance cross-collaboration between Loughborough University and Loughborough College.