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What is your role?

As Rag Eo, I am responsible for overseeing the organisation and administration of the section and all its charitable fundraising throughout the year, whilst also getting involved in executive duties to help the union continue to implement its strategic plan. I manage a team of 2 staff members, 10 committee members, 32 Rag reps and 19 Team leaders. With the help of this team, my role is to support, encourage and advise students in their fundraising activities. I also have to liaise with charities and create links to raise money locally, nationally and internationally.

What have you been focusing on this year?

Implementing my manifesto (Shock).

Along with trying to fulfil my promises from when I ran, I have found myself focusing on a variety of things since starting the role.
International trips – Nationally there was a large dip in sign ups to international trips. I spent a significant amount of time talking to charities and challenge companies trying to make sure that the impact in Loughborough was a minimal one.

Continuity – Formalising the way Rag is run and structured. This way there should be a template in place, which allows for my replacement to step into the role knowing they can raise a significant amount of money, whilst having space to bring their own innovative twist to the section.

Pushing the boundaries – Myself and the committee have strived to break the records with everything we do.

Marketing the section – Making students more aware of Rag and everything that they can do, whether that’s through a meme, video or poster I’ve been trying to make the section more engaged with the student population.

What makes a good candidate for your role?

There are many attributes that make a candidate good for the role, however to drive the section forward they need to be highly organised, a good leader, willing to throw themselves into the section, never ask someone to do something that they wouldn’t and most importantly be fun and innovative. The section needs to develop, if they don’t have a selection of these skills then keeping the reps, committee and volunteers engaged will be a struggle. Finally, they also need to be able to function well with severe lack of sleep, the first semester requires a vast amount of hours and physical activity and if they struggle with this the performance of the section may drop.

Jonny King
Jonny King
Rag EO 2016/17