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What is your role?
As Media EO, I’m responsible for the output of Label, LCR, Lens and LSUTV as well as the opportunities for personal development for the Media members. I decide where we should invest money in the section and balance the books by overseeing Aura, our commercial branch. I also cast an eye over the Hall Media Reps, as well as being responsible for the LSU Media website and the section’s external marketing. I do this as chair of the Media Senate, the eleven-strong committee at the top of the LSU Media structure.

What is the biggest challenge of your role?
I think the biggest challenge of my role is finding the balance between being ultimately responsible for all LSU Media output and giving volunteers the chance to produce what they want to produce. It’s very different from being editor-in-chief in industry; I can’t bark orders and instruct Media members to do as I say, because student media is about opportunities and personal development. However, that needs to balance with maintaining LSU Media’s very strong national reputation for creating top quality output.

What makes a good candidate for your role?
A lot of my job as Media EO involves making tough decisions. Whether it’s where to spend budget, what piece of output to prioritise or a longer-term decision, I have to make a lot of calls that please some and upset others. When working with the kind of highly-driven, highly-motivated people you find high up in LSU Media, you need to be a strong decision-maker and you have to have the ability to back your convictions once you’ve made an informed choice. You’ll also not be afraid of work, this role is not your standard 10-5, you’ll need to work around the needs of volunteers.

Media EO 2016/17