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What is your role?
As VP Welfare and Diversity, I am responsible for promoting positive health and wellbeing amongst our entire student body, as well as providing under-represented students with a platform to share their experiences. I am responsible for managing the Welfare and Diversity Committee, a team of 14 students, who each represent a different area of the W&D section. As well as this, alongside my Hall Reps Coordinator, I manage an individual Hall Rep within each Hall of Residence, to ensure that all students know about the events and campaigns we run, as well as being correctly signposted to the right supportive services when required.

What is the biggest challenge of your role?
One of the biggest challenges within this role is managing the accessibility of the section for students who have an interest in getting involved. Although we have grown rapidly as a section over the last 3 years, we still haven’t completely cracked the communication aspect of student accessibility! Our ‘Kickstart a Campaign’ initiative begins this process, and the regular newsletters from association chairs, (such as HeadsUp! or LGBT+) move forward with this, however social media and e-mails can only do so much. I would like to see candidates for my role look into how they would practically address this issue, as the section will struggle to continue developing without this improvement.

What makes a good candidate for your role?
An ideal candidate for this role is an individual who has an awareness of the inner workings of the Welfare and Diversity section, with experience of existing campaigns and events. Additionally, candidates will have to be sensitive in nature as well as capable leaders, prepared to handle addressing hundreds of people and supporting on a 1-2-1 basis. Due to the slightly delicate nature of the issues dealt with whilst in post, candidates should also have an awareness of support initiatives and services, internally and externally, as well as an appreciation for confidentiality and anonymity. Prospective candidates must also be able to bring new campaigns and initiatives to the section, whilst also continuing to develop existing examples, such as Play with Pride, Know the Line and Better Decisions.

Nuz Fatima
Nuz Fatima
Welfare & Diversity 2016/17