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What is your role?

As Action E.O, they are responsible for the smooth running and development of the volunteering section here at LSU, Action. They’ll oversee all of the volunteers within the section, including the Action Committee, Hall Reps and Project Leaders. They will be the central point of contact for volunteering opportunities from external bodies, including community groups and international charities.

What is the biggest challenge of your role?

Balancing time effectively is often very difficult in a role this substantial and varied. Balancing all of the sections Action have here, as well as administrative duties and Executive duties, can be incredibly challenging. Action has expanded drastically in the past decade and managing to ensure they maintain the high standard with the current volunteering opportunities and incorporating the new ones is a really difficult task.

What makes a good candidate for your role?

Any candidate has to be a people person – the student facing side of this job is paramount and they need to be able to engage with students well. However, Action also work with many community groups and those groups have really varied compositions. You can be talking to students one minute, elderly community residents the next before going to a community watch group – and you need to be able to empathise, communicate and work effectively with all of these groups. You HAVE to be enthusiastic, friendly, committed and – most importantly – passionate about volunteering.

Action Hero
Action Hero