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What is your role?

As the Vice President: affairs and Development, my job has 3 key roles. It is my job to oversee the communication strategy of the SU which entails monitoring social media output, keeping the website maintained alongside co-ordinating all Union Campaigns. I also make sure the Executive are not only transparent but accountable. The second revolves around Governance & Democracy. It is my job to keep the constitution up to date and make sure all Union governance structure is effective and running. Alongside this, it is also my job to maintain the Union democratic structure, which entails assisting in the hall elections and of course, running the Exec Elections themselves! The final is development, which is making sure that once we have the new strategic plan in place, I’m one of the people in charge of pushing implementation of its goals.

What have you been focusing on this year?

This year I’ve particularly focused myself around the governance and democracy side of my job. I’m currently underway with a full constitutional review, which will see by the end of the year the most up to date and new version of our precedents. I’ve also tried to make the democratic passages we have more streamlined and effective, in key this year being the collective running of hall elections in replacement of their previous structure. I’ve also been improving on the already fantastic work of the Union Affairs Committee, making sure all the sub-committees are used and working correctly to make sure my volunteers are getting the best experience from the committee.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Accountability. It’s incredibly difficult to try and hold the Executive team accountable. Our typical methods are fit for purpose, but they could be seen to be more effective. The common question continues into this year when people ask what the Exec do or why we’re there. To come up with an effective strategy, beyond the presentation of strategic plans is crucial in making sure the Exec team are responsible for their work is crucial, and to see a candidate put forward ideas for this would be interesting.

What makes a good candidate for your role?

A good candidate for my role should be good with the governance structure, and have a better than average knowledge of the democratic process and the make-up of the constitution and how it works. They should bring forward ideas of not only how we can hold the Executive accountable, but also how they can be more ‘out there’. It’s important for a good candidate in my role to be confident to make opinions and have a good delegation ability to carry out this role effectively.

Matt Gill
Matt Gill
VP: Affairs & Development 2016/17