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VP: Finance & Development

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What is your role?

* To lead and develop the Union’s financial, commercial and student disciplinary strategy and practice.

* To represent LSU and student interests, develop partnerships within the University and other external bodies.

* To lead strategic development projects that implement the Union Strategic plan working as a team with other central sabbaticals and involving other exec, volunteers and staff.

What have you been focusing on this year?

The formation of the Union’s Strategy Plan has been extremely engaging to me; the entire process from the proposal through till the physical plan is exciting to me. Filtering market researchers, briefing each prospective option and assessing their pitches was a lengthy, valuable process. Following this, the creating of the research in partnership with Redbricks was an eye opening experience – I look forward to the delivery and creation of the Strategy Plan.

What is the biggest challenge of your role?

The biggest challenge to my role is ensuring that there is a balance between revenue creation and quality of student activities, particularly from an entertainment standpoint. Non-alcoholic events for example on Mondays and Thursdays are necessary yet bring with them some barriers commercially. Similarly, that same can be said for Union nights and events of that sort.

What makes a good candidate for your role?

Any candidate running for my role should have the ability to think big picture. As a central sabbatical officer it is vital to be engage with all member of Exec in and challenge financial implications where possible. Being a strategic thinker will allow the candidate to think long term as opposed to the impact of the one year that they are on. Finally, an excellent candidate will have the analytical skills and foresight to allocate resources effectively come November when the annual budgeting is completed.

Hersh Patel
Hersh Patel
VP: Finance & Development 2016/17