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What is your role?

As Education EO, I am in charge of the academic representation of all students at Loughborough. This comes through a variety of forms, such as through my position on University committees such as Learning & Teaching Committee, or University Senate. Through these, I maintain relationships with key stakeholders, and work towards influencing institutional-level change on all things education. I also work very closely with the wonderful staff in Student Voice to train and oversee both the Programme President team who do such incredible things on a Department level, and the Programme Representatives who influence change on their courses.

What have you been focusing on this year?

Every year, the person in my position creates Ten Priorities for the year based off evidence from the NSS, PTES, SSLC Report, and various modes of receiving student feedback. This year, three of my main aims have been around creating minimum standards for feedback quality and dissertation supervision, as well as a review of the impaired performance system. I have been responding to areas of weakness and inconsistency across the University, and am confident that my work has improved the experience of students on both campuses.

What is the biggest challenge of your role?

Engagement and reach. A lot of students will feel the positive benefit of the work achieved in Education this year, but very few of them will be actively aware of the changes that have been made or achieved to improve their experience. It can also be very difficult to find the time to get involved with Executive duties, as Education is a section that is constantly in motion, and the University has very high demand for my presence at a variety of meetings and committees!

What makes a good candidate for your role?

Someone running for Education EO should have at least been a Programme Rep, and should have a strong knowledge of the Representation system at LSU. They should be good at networking, and professional when meeting with University staff, as this is a key part of the job role. They need a solid understanding of the Higher Education sector, as government policy can affect the way in which they work. I would also advise that any candidate for Education EO should be organised, good at managing their time, and a good public speaker, as the volunteer training demands are quite high.

Lewis Wood
Lewis Wood
Education EO 2016/17