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What is the role?
As College EO, you organise, events and opportunities and promote the different sections we have within Loughborough Students’ Union available to Loughborough College Students. You also work on improving the relationship between the College and the Union by attending meetings and making change, an example of this is that you can now send a whole College email to students promoting our opportunities which has never been done before. You also sit on the College Board of Governors meetings to put across the student voice.

What is the biggest challenge of the role?
The biggest challenge of the College role is learning to accommodate for all students. Over 90% students at the College don’t live in halls or a student house, they live at home possibly not in Loughborough. Therefore to capture these students, events must be made around their time within college. But you also have 180 students in the Gables who are potentially available after lessons and lectures. The future College EO would have to recognise that the timings of an event can influence the uptake and should plan effectively for their market.

What makes a good candidate for the role?
A good candidate for College would be a current student at the College, with some knowledge about what Loughborough Students’ Union can offer to the diverse range of students we have at the College. A good candidate needs to have a lot of patience for this role, as well as good organisation and planning skills. The ideal candidate needs to be committed to represent the views of the College and their students at all times.

Ellis Jarvis
Ellis Jarvis
VP College 2015/16